(1) the practice

Ashtanga Yoga Arona is a project for teaching, practicing, studying and doing research around Ashtanga Yoga. it being a discipline that assists us in bringing balance and stability to our systems. we refer to “systems” because we aren’t made solely of physical bodies, nor solely of mind but also of heart and spirit.  

doing yoga, growing roots.


yoga isn’t religion: it is science and art of personal freedom. this is a special kind of freedom yet at the same time it is nothing special, it allows us to navigate our lives with good doses of equanimity.

yoga stands firstly for non-violence in all its nuances.
humility, mutual respect, listening, seriousness, effort, compassion. these are some of the values that we adhere to when beginning this journey. 

from these values we take practice - asanas or postures. we practice to purify, heal and reinforce our bodies (many!) and our nervous systems. when we are connected to our healthy bodies it becomes easier to observe ourselves and thus transform ourselves.

breath is the key. fundamental. knowing, amplifying and controlling one’s breath allows us to get in touch with the subtle aspects of our systems.

we advice you to approach yoga with an open and serene mind, but also with a sane dose of determination. 

yoga represents the occasion to grow roots: to establish ourselves robustly on our own forces and to get in touch with people/projects/realities of our lands.

it is important to find one’s own dimension -in yoga, in physical practice, in life - while respecting others’ opinions, versions and ideas. to find common grounds and not division. this is what guides us through teaching. yoga is an occasion to know ourselves better and get better in our relationships witht others. yoga is relationship, as stated by T.K.V Desikachar.