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Amanda was born and raised in Caracas (Venezuela) and moved to Italy in 2007 to continue and finish her architecture studies. this is how she first encountered Astanga Yoga, as a young and busy student. the practice has kept her company ever since. her first guide was Elena de Martin and her community.

by the end of 2013, after working as an architect and in international cooperation for developing countries, she moved to Paris to pursue her PhD. still, teaching wasn’t in her life schedule and her Sadhana was there to serve her spiritual path and inquiry while sustaining the rest of her life. she lived in Paris for three years and practised with Linda Munro and Gérald Disse: they grounded her practice, made her feel like family and encouraged her to start teaching.

all her travelling and studying has made her embrace the idea that as you become a more “experienced” or “ripe” practitioner you remain a beginner. there is always room to learn, or just to create space. this is how she welcomed Chuck Miller’s teachings by keeping her beginner’s mind in-check.

in 2017, together with her husband, she opened a little shala in Arona, a lake-town in northern Italy. ever since her inquiry has become deeper and she has sharpened her community vision and her clarity around the teacher-student relationship. the work around in their shala has driven them both to study directly in Mysore with R. Sharath Jois since 2018 and they intend to continue to visit this historically-infused context. she is part of the SYC teacher community and authorised to teach full primary and intermediate series (L2).

Amanda has been practicing uninterruptedly since 2008 with discipline and commitment; the mat has allowed rays of equanimity to shine in from time to time and this has become the heart and core of her quest.  she cultivates this middle way through a growing silent sitting practice – free of dogma – which helps her to maintain ongoing introspection. yoga has also made me her a romantic. she now embraces a small web of relationships that support her teaching through fruitful and beautiful exchanges. it is within this love circle that she would like to walk the line. this web has lit up a spark that nourishes a long-distance exchange with Angela Jamison who mentors her through her words and challenges her to stay clear and compassionate in her work.

along the way philosophy and chanting has been an ongoing study that supports her practice, her teaching and her deepening of Krishnamacharya’s lineage. this has been supported by Chase Bossart in the U.S and Jayashree and Narasimha in Mysore, they are incredible sources of knowledge and insight.

A. remains a student, open to change and to question and be questioned.


Giacomo was born and raised in Milan, where he studied architecture. he met Amanda in 2013 at a time when they were following a project of international cooperation within the slum Mathare in Nairobi, Kenya. he didn’t know about yoga yet but since some time he was looking… for answers to existentialist questions, for clarity, for trust in himself and in the world, for a practice that expressed through oneness of body and mind.

as he finished his studies in Urban Planning and Environmental Politics he starts attending hatha yoga classes twice per week. when he joined Amanda in Caracas on 2015 he started to memorize the Ashtanga foundational sequence with Liz Carrasquel. the same year he moves to Paris where he does an internship in urban agriculture while continuing to practice ashtanga at AYP. since 2016 he learns from Chuck Miller who gave him keys on how to approach his own practice but also on how to pass it on with depth.

in 2017 he decided to join Amanda in the teaching/practice room they founded together in Arona.

practice, practice, practice. individual study, assistances, travels and sharing.

between 2017 and 2019 he frequently went to Rome to practice with Gabriele Severini and started traveling to Mysore with Amanda to learn from Sharath Jois. he is an authorised Level II teacher and received this acknowledgment with Amanda during their third trip to the source.

in 2018 he met Angela Jamison; her bold and radical reflections about teaching yoga nowadays and about the evolution of this practice really struck him, heightening his belief in this path.

for G. what really makes the practice special is the fact that it isn’t just physical exercise but mostly mental training, and that the method is founded in such a rich philosophy about living in harmony with oneself, others and the world – in freedom and responsibility.

during the pandemic traveling was limited but the possibility to stay close to teachers with continuity was enhanced. with Jayashree e Narasimha (Mysore) he studies chanting and philosophy. with Chase Bossart (USA) he studies the sutras and with Angela Jamison he practices in all senses. it is in this period that he strengthens his relationship with Angela who becomes an irreplaceable reference in his teaching
what he most appreciates in his teachers is that he finds in them precious examples of how to live yoga and its values through action, day by day.

G. walks his teaching path faithful to the motivations that drew him to yoga since the very beginning and trying to practice them day by day as a student, as a teacher and as a human being.