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Chuck Miller visiting AYA //
October 20th - 23rd

Chuck is a serious source of knowledge and inspiration.
through him we have learnt to slow down, to go back before moving forward and to immerse ourselves in meditative practices through his guidance.
he is incredibly resourceful, non-dogmatic, humble and wise. “this won’t be the usual ashtanga workshop, it is meant to bea new beginning or perhaps an actual one”.
3 days of intensive practice and in-depth workshops plus 1 early-Mysore-practice.

this is a beautiful opportunity to gather curious ashtangis willing to do something different and happy to meet an experienced voice.
check out all the infos by clicking here︎︎︎ and write us at aronayoga@gmail.comif you have doubts our questions.
welcome Chuck!

important note: right now we are only enrolling people willing to do the full workshop, others will be added to a waiting list and contacted later. thanks for your understanding!

Angela Jamison visiting AYA //
April 12th - April 16th

Angela is a precious teacher.
before learning asanas from her, we learnt to alchemize our words, to manage our energy and relationships, to be considerate and courageous practitioners and teachers.
she embodies with astonishing simplicity the ethics and works of yoga.
every time we meet we promise her (and she promises us) to keep each other in check along the way and to always give back sincere feedbacks. she knows it's possible (and easy) to loose the way. she values community as source of insight, not conformity.
we are honoured to have her visiting again AYA's community.

if you know her, come. if you don't know her, come. if you know us, come. if you don't know us, come. contact us if you are coming from a distance, we will help out.

check out all the infos by clicking here︎︎︎ and write us at aronayoga@gmail.com if you have questions.
welcome AJ!

intro course
january 2023

8 classes, 1 month: 4 sundays (2h class) + 4 self-practices with our students .
an introduction to the ashtanga method for you to be able to join our daily mysore program. 
this course will be held in Italian but if you want to join write us ︎︎︎ and we will make it work!

paris weekend
november 25th-27th 2022

we will be teaching two Mysore classes + two conversations at Ashtanga Yoga Paris in November, come and join us!

more info here︎︎︎

ashtanga summer retreat july 7th-10th 2022

ashtanga intensive in Liguria. we will practice, meditate, study, walk and spend quality time surrounded by nature in a silent spot not too far from the seaside. 
limited spots, book here: aronayoga@gmail.com.

more info here︎︎︎

ashtanga summer retreat july 2021

9-10-11 luglio 2021
@  azienda agricola terra di mezzo

an intensive weekend where we will practice, meditate, study, walk and harvest blueberries while spending quality time immersed in nature. the place is silent, magic and unique. 
limitated places, bookings: aronayoga@gmail.com.

︎︎︎download all the info here

open-air beginners course

this summer between May and June we will - if the law agrees - hold an intro course to the ashtanga practice. there will be 6 classes of one hour and a half that will take place at the Arona Liquid Park a.s.d.  

for more info and updates: aronayoga@gmail.com

︎︎︎open-air beginners course flyer.png

mysore and led classes 2D

for those already practicing ashtanga and looking for a two-dimension space to practice we would like to open our doors of our virtual shares Mysore room. a weird yet solid dimension, beautiful, hard, safe. our online room is sacred, mostly silent, sometimes a lot happens others not much. it is within this dimension that we  work toward staying spiritual warriors, concentrated, stable and equanimous. while we wait to meet again in 3D our 2D space keeps the group together and their practices active.

︎︎︎ 2d shala presentation .pdf

online beginners course (14+)

in reality our teaching is based on relationship and we never thought we would have taken this path through a screen. at the same time yoga has made us fluid and adaptable. today, after almost a year of forced online teaching we would like to try a pilot project to welcome new students to the practice, in 2D.

1. the practice is ephemeral so classes won’t be recorded, we ask you to join us live.

2. this course is for EVERYONE: all genders, ages (from 14 up), all physical bodies, all minds and personalities. 

3. don’t let your choices be guided by prejudice. with a little will and seriousness you can go a long way. 

this is a moving meditation technique that grounds us in front of major difficulties. it is a way to dedicate time to ourselves with the intention of knowing ourselves better, accepting ourselves and feel our own bodies. we are diving deep.

︎︎︎ online beginners course presentation .pdf